Here is a sample of the services provided by              CRT Concrete Consulting, LLC

Service List

Ensure the mixes you are using meet the requirement of ACI.  Experience in the ready mix concrete industry enables the custom engineering of a mixture that is both low shrinkage and easily placed.

Custom Concrete Mix Designs

Green building is here to stay.  Let CRT assist you with developing sustainable mixes that will perform in the field.  Minimize delays in set time and strength gain.

Green Building

Many owners no longer want the maintenance associated with conventional floor coverings. CRT can specify and coordinate properly designed dyed and polished concrete floors.

Exposed & Decorative Slab on Grade

Roller Compacted Concrete is not just for pug mills and large concrete plants.   With CRT’s strategies, any ready mix producer can deliver quality RCC for low volume streets or parking lots.

Ready Mix Roller Compacted Concrete